The two of us collaborate to create our jewelry. We each have specific areas of expertise. We have no employees nor do we hire independent contractors.

   I sculpt each design in wax, using a build up technique often with more than one gemstone. I form the designs without using pre-made models, shapes of wax wire, tube or sheet. This enables me to create designs that are often described as graceful and flowing.

    Don and I transform the finished wax sculpture into 14k gold or 18k gold, using the lost wax cast technique, with vacuum investing and centrifugal casting.

    Don uses state of the art equipment, and techniques from the dental lab for the ultimate in precision workmanship. He creates textures in the metal and securely sets the gems and returns the pieces to me in a pre-polished stage.

    I then complete the final polishing of the jewelry. The result is a product that has a distinctive and recognized style. Our work is collected throughout the United States as well as internationally. Each piece is valued for its unique sculptural fashion that is of a timeless style.

    Together we have over three decades of jewelry design and creation experience.


 Jeanne Cassanova




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